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McKinney High School - AP Calculus BC

Teacher: Mrs. Theresa Horvath

Email: thorvath@mckinneyisd.net





General Helpful Websites:




Helpful Online Flashcard Links:  (click on link, then choose "Study")

Trig Function Values (sin, cos, tan)

Trig Identities


Inverse Trig Functions (domain, range, graph, derivative)


Helpful PowerPoint Flashcards:

Trig Memorization Practice.ppt

Trig Memorization Practice 2.ppt

Formula List Flashcards.pptx





Unit 1 - Prerequisites


Unit 2 - Limits & Continuity


Unit 3A - Derivatives & Rates of Change


Unit 3B - Derivative Rules


Unit 4A - Extrema & Mean Value Theorem


Unit 4B - Graph Characteristcs, Optimization and Related Rates


Unit 5A - Riemann Sums and the Definite Integral


Unit 5B - Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


Unit 6 - Slope Fields & Antidifferentiation Methods


Unit 7 - Integral as Net Change, Volume & Arc Length


Unit 8 - L'Hopital's Rule and Improper Integrals


Unit 10 - Parametrics, Vectors & Polar


Unit 9 - Series



















































































































































AP REVIEW 1A.doc         AP REVIEW 1B Motion Along a Line.doc

AP REVIEW 2.doc           AP REVIEW 3.doc        AP REVIEW 4.doc  

AP REVIEW 5.doc           AP REVIEW 6.doc        AP REVIEW 7.doc  

AP Review 1A SOLUTIONS.pdf          AP Review 1B SOLUTIONS.pdf 

AP Review 2 SOLUTIONS.pdf    AP Review 3 SOLUTIONS.pdf    AP Review 4 SOLUTIONS.pdf  

AP Review 5 SOLUTIONS.pdf    AP Review 6 SOLUTIONS.pdf     AP Review 7 SOLUTIONS.pdf

AP Misc Review Topics SOLUTIONS.pdf 


LAST AP Review SOLUTIONS.pdf  (YAY!!!!!  You guys rock - you are going to do awesome!!!)



Volume Summative Project.doc 


VIDEO Cylindrical Shell Method


Unit 9 - Series

Unit 9 Calendar(1).doc

Notes on Sequences.doc

VIDEO Notes on Sequences


Notes Series Day 1 Explore Conv&Div-Geometric & nth term tests.doc

VIDEO Notes on Series Day1 Geometric-Nth term-Telescoping Series Tests


Notes on Integral Test and p-Series and Comparison Tests.doc

VIDEO Integral & p-Series Tests

VIDEO Comparison Tests


Notes on Alternating Series Ratio & Root Tests.doc

VIDEO Alternating Series Test

VIDEO Ratio & Root Tests 


VIDEO Taylor Approximations Day1

Notes on Taylor Polynomials and Approximations.doc

Worksheet 1 on Taylor Polynomials.doc


VIDEO Taylor Approximations Day2 

Taylor Polynomials and Approximations, Day 2.doc  

Worksheet 2 on Taylor Polynomials.doc


VIDEO Radius & Interval of Covergence 

Notes and Worksheet on Radius and Interval of Convergence.doc


VIDEO Taylor Series Day1 

VIDEO Taylor Series Day2 Part1

VIDEO Taylor Series Day2 Part2

Notes on Taylor Series.doc

WorksheetS 1-4 on Power Series (with derivation of Taylor on WS1).doc

Power Series WS1-4 SOLUTIONS.pdf


VIDEO Lagrange Error Bound 

VIDEO More on Error

Notes on Lagrange Error Bound.doc  

Worksheet on Power Series and Lagrange Error Bound (2.doc

Lagrange and Error WS SOLUTIONS.pdf


Review SheetS 1-2 on Series.doc

Series Review WS1-2 SOLUTIONS.pdf


Unit 10 - Parametrics, Vectors & Polar

Unit10 calendar.doc

Notes on Graphing Parametric Equations and Eliminating the Parameter.doc

VIDEO Graphing Parametrics

Calc - Worksheet on Parametric Equations and Graphing.doc


Calc - Notes on Parametric Equations and Calculus.doc

VIDEO Parametrics and Calculus

Calc - Worksheet on Parametrics and Calculus.doc


Notes on Vectors.doc

VIDEO on Calculus with Vectors

Calc - Worksheets 1 & 2 on Vectors.doc

Vector Worksheet SOLUTIONS.pdf

Vector Parametric Mult Choice Review SOLUTIONS.pdf


Calc - Notes on Polar.doc 

Polar Worksheets 1 - 3.doc

VIDEO Polar Notes Part 1 (Discovery of Graphs with Calculator)

VIDEO Polar Notes Part 2

Derivation of Polar Area Formula.pdf  

VIDEO Polar Notes Part 3A

VIDEO Polar Notes Part 3B

Polar WS 1 & 2 SOLUTIONS.pdf

Polar WS 3 SOLUTIONS.pdf

Polar Review WS4 & Mult Choice.doc


Unit 8 - L'Hopital's Rule and Improper Integrals

Unit 8 calendar.doc

Indeterminate Forms and L'Hopital's Rule - Discovery and Exa.doc

VIDEO Indeterminate Forms and L'Hopital's Rule


Calc - Worksheet on L'Hopital's Rule.doc

Examples on Improper Integrals.doc

VIDEO Improper Integrals Notes Part1

VIDEO Improper Integrals Notes Part2

Calc BC - Worksheet on L'Hopital's Rule and Improper Integra.doc

Improper Integrals & L'Hopitals Rule SOLUTIONS.pdf



Unit 7 - Integral as Net Change, Volume & Arc Length

Unit 7 Calendar.pdf

7.1 Notes.doc

VIDEO 7.1 Integral as Net Change

area between curves.ppt

7.2 Notes.doc 

Video 7.2 Area Between Curves


7.3 Volume Notes.doc

VIDEO 7.3 Notes Volumes of Cross-Sections

VIDEO 7.3 Notes Volumes of Rotations of Disks & Washers

Volumes by Cross-Sections Animation

Volumes by Rotations Disk Method Animation

Volumes by Rotations Washer Method Animation


7.4 Notes Arc Length.doc

VIDEO 7.4 Notes - Arc Length


Unit 7 Review.doc

Unit 7 Review SOLUTIONS.pdf  (all review answers and work) 



Unit 6 - Slope Fields & Antidifferentiation Methods

Calc - Notes & Worksheet on Euler's Method.doc

Euler's Method VIDEO

Slope Field Notes & Worksheet.doc (wait for #17 & #18 until after we learn about Separation of Variables)

Slope Field VIDEO


6.2 Worksheet Answers.pdf  ****UPDATED Wed Jan 16th****


Notes for Integration by Parts.doc  

6.3 Integration by Parts VIDEO Part1

6.3 Integration by Parts VIDEO Part2


6.4A VIDEO Separation of Variables 

6.5A VIDEO Partial Fractions Part1

6.5A VIDEO Partial Fractions Part2


Complete Notes & HW below prior to Quiz on Monday, Jan 29th 

6.4B NOTES Exponential Growth and Decay.docx

VIDEO 6.4B Exponential Growth & Decay Notes

Homework: p357 #21,25,27,31,32,41,43

Notes on Logistic Growth.doc

VIDEO 6.5B Logistic Growth Notes

Homework worksheets...

Calc - Worksheets 1 and 2 on Logistic Growth.doc  


Unit 5B - Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

AP Calculus BC Unit 5B Calendar.doc

WS genl antideriv practice.pdf

Notes and WS 1and2 on First Fund. Theorem.pdf

Class Notes FTC pages 1 & 2.pdf (notes filled in)


Notes and WS 1-2-3 on 2nd Fund. Theorem and Functions defined by integrals.pdf

5.4 Fund Theorem of Calculus Notes VIDEO


FTC&Avg Value Worksheet for 5.4.doc

5.3-5.4 Addt Practice.doc

5.3-4.4 Additional Practice Answer KEY.pdf



Unit 5A - Riemann Sums and the Definite Integral

AP Calculus BC Unit 5A Calendar.doc

Notes - Riemann Sums Equal and Unequal Lesson.doc

Riemann Sums EQ&UNEQ Worksheet.doc

Notes - trapezoidal Rule.doc

trapezoidal rule eq&UnEQ Homework.doc

Notes - Def. Integrals and Sigma.doc (5.2)

5.2 Def Integral Notes VIDEO

Def Int and Prop WS 1.doc

Worksheet 1 VIDEO

Def Int and Prop WS 2.doc

Worksheet 2 VIDEO

unit 5A review.doc


Unit 4B - Graph Characteristcs, Optimization and Related Rates

Multiple Choice AP Packet #1.doc  (DUE Tuesday, Oct 30th)

Multiple Choice AP Packet #2.doc  (DUE Tuesday, Oct 30th)

Unit 4B Calendar.docx

4.3 Notes.docx  

4.3 Notes Video Part1

4.3 Notes Video Part2

1st & 2nd Deriv Test and Justification - Smalley.pdf

Relationships of f f' and f'' - Smalley.pdf

Graph of f f' and f'' - Smalley.pdf

4.4 Notes.doc  

4.4 Notes Video

Unit 4B Review & MC #3 Answers.pdf


circle temp video link


Unit 1 - Prerequisites

Unit 1 and 2 Calendar.docx

PreCalculus Topics Reference Sheet.docx  


Unit 2 - Limits & Continuity

2.1 Part 1 Notes.doc  2.1 Part 1 Notes Video (Limits)

2.1 Part 2 Notes.doc  2.2 Part 2 Notes Video (Limts)

2.2 Notes.doc   2.2 Notes Video (Limits to Infinity)


Unit 3A - Derivatives & Rates of Change

Unit 3A Calendar.doc 

3.1 Notes and Examples.docx

3.2 Notes.docx

3.3 Notes.doc

3.4 Notes Video (Velocity & Other Rates of Change)


Unit 3B - Derivative Rules

Unit 3B Calendar.doc

Foldable Project.docx DUE Thursday Oct 18th!!

No stylus to use on the ipad yet - sorry the notes are a bit sloppy...

3.5 Notes.doc 

3.6 Notes.doc 

3.7 Notes.docx

3.7 Implicit Differentiation Notes Part 1 Video (no sound - sorry!) 

3.7 Implicit Differentiation Notes Part 2 Video 

3.8 Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions Video

3.9 Exponential & Log Derivatives Part 1 Video   3.9 Exponential & Log Derivatives Part 2 (examples) Video

Formula List.doc 

Unit 3B mult choice review.docx  


Unit 4A - Extrema & Mean Value Theorem 

4.1 NOTES.docx

4.1 Extrema Notes Video (mistake at end: Abs min of .5 at x = 0 NOT Abs min of 0 at x = 0)

4.2 Notes.doc

4.2 MVT Video Part 1

4.2 MVT Video Part 2

4.2 MVT Worksheet ANSWER KEY.pdf  






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